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Carbon accessories production

Carbon or carbon fiber composite – is a composite material, made of woven fibers of carbon cemented together with special epoxy resins. Today most advanced artificial & natural materials are composites. Carbon is widely known for the unique technical features, such as light weight & high durability, which sometimes is higher than steel, also looks perfectly. Carbon parts are used at cars for it’s aesthetics as well as it’s light weight, and to make some elements more reliable.

In order to properly produce high quality carbon part one need to have a serious experience & high qualification, which makes such parts expensive & highly recognizable. KHANN badged parts are of noncompromise quality.

In order to be sure about authenticity & highest quality of our products, all of KHANN carbon accessories are having special certificate of origin.

Light alloy wheels’ production

We have our own approach in developing & production of light alloy wheels at KHANN. It is to create new outstanding designs with best of breed technical features, personally adapted for every car model.

Our team of talented of engineers & designers developed our own methodology of developing the 3D models of wheels, which allows to optimize durability & weight, as well as to use the most sophisticated & technological design without any limitations.

We at KHANN use modern high precise German & Italian CNC machines to cut & mill aluminum, we use unique & eco-friendly technology for painting wheels. We use only high quality blanks made of aircraft grade aluminum. The blend of these technologies allows us to produce piece of arts, which can compete with the best wheel’s producing companies, all of our wheels are passing all legally required tests.

Thus our clients can be sure about highest quality & optimal characteristics of the KHANN forged wheels.

Plastic accessories production

Process of production of any part starts from the designer sketches, which are later transformed to 3D models to fit at the computer 3D model of a car. With an assistance of computer modeling designer’s drawing become full of details, mounts and shape, taking into account smallest details, including aerodynamics & special constructive features. Physical shapes are carved with modern multi-axial milling CNC machines, which are cutting the molds for further production of the serial plastic parts. Once formed the parts are being carefully prepared for dispatch to clients, everything is checked and prepared for meeting highest standards of durability, quality, painting & packaging. Thus our clients are guaranteed with the highest quality, beautiful and high technology plastic accessories developed & produced with a passion and love from KHANN experts.

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